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Our history

In 1975, Importadora Canaima C.A. was founded, at that time it was an importer dedicated to sell household products, electronic items, as well as footwear and clothing, our team consisted of three employees dedicated solely to the sale of merchandise.

Our company has grown over the years and we have opened approximately 90 stores in the most important parts of the country, forming a group of companies dedicated to the service of a brand.

Currently this group of companies is called Grupo Canaima and our main offices are located in Margarita Island – Venezuela.


We are a company in national sales of footwear, textile, accessories and internationally recognized brands, committed to the satisfaction of our consumers, suppliers and our organization.


To be a leader in national sales, thanks to our commitment, seriousness, dedication and continuous search for excellence in service, offering products of internationally recognized brands.

More than 2.000 professionals
in different areas

Our main strength is our group of collaborators, with more than 2,000 professionals in different areas. Our goal is to be a regionally recognized company, with a broad portfolio of brands.

50 Years

Located on
Margarita Island

Over the years, the company has managed to expand in the most important cities of the country, managing to form a group of companies dedicated to service, offering international brands and its own brands.

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